BIGBANG revealed their unreleased track 'FLOWER ROAD', a new release by BIGBANG in a year and 3 months since the release of their latest official album, [MADE]. Since the song features all five members of BIGBANG, the release will be a great gift for the fans who will miss the group during their vacancy. 

While T.O.P, G-DRAGON, and TAEYANG already started serving their military duties, the group's new single 'FLOWERROAD' was released in the date of DAESUNG's enlistment.

BIGBANG's leader and producer, G-DRAGON participated in the composing of the song, and collaborated with The Fliptones, who he previously worked together with while creating GD X TAEYANG's 'GOOD BOY' and TAEYANG's 'Stay With Me'. Furthermore, the lyrics written by G-DRAGON and T.O.P deliver the group's sincerity towards their fans, who they will have to depart with for a while.

Since all 5 members participated in the creation of the song, the new single is good enough to fill up people's hearts during this year's Spring. Let's pay close attention to BIGBANG's sincerity while they treasure past beautiful memories as BIGBANG and promise to meet again in the future.