Billboard Spotlights BLACKPINK, “Queen BLACKPINK Lands in the US… K-Pop’s Biggest Hope”

[스포츠조선=김영록기자] BLACKPINK presented their dignity as a global girl group by decorating the cover and cover story of Billboard Magazine, the well-known music magazine of the US.

On February 28 (local time), US Billboard revealed the Billboard Magazine cover with BLACKPINK and the exclusive interview through their official website.

BLACKPINK presented a lovely yet high-end fashion look in the revealed cover. The members’ individual covers and group cover creating a charming harmony grabbed the viewers’ attention.

Billboard greeted BLACKPINK’s US debut by writing, “The K-Pop Queens who’s practiced for years to conquer the US market has finally arrived in the US”.

Regarding the atmosphere from UMG Grammy Artist Showcase which was BLACKPINK’s first official schedule in the US, Billboard wrote, “The buttoned up related officials of music records were intrigued by BLACKPINK’s performance and started to take out their phones to take videos while watching the group’s fierce performance”. UMG Showcase is known as the gateway of well-known Pop starts of the US. Ariana Grande, Sean Mendes, and Halsey have all performed on the according event.

Billboard emphasized that BLACKPINK’s ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’ has reached the highest record in the Billboard HOT 100 chart among all K-Pop girl groups and valued their potential by writing, “BLACKPINK represents the biggest hope of the recent K-Pop market which tries to break away from the limitations of K-Pop within the US”.

Billboard explained the competency of the composition of BLACKPINK composed of JISOO who was born and raised in Korea, LISA from Thailand, ROSÉ from Australia, and JENNIE who spent her youth in New Zealand and wrote, “Their ‘multinational identity’ can help them appeal to the global market”. JISOO stated, “Even if people don’t understand Korean, they can understand our music, visuals, and feels”, while ROSÉ revealed the group’s strength by stating, “We have both Korean culture related elements and Western elements at the same time”.

Regarding their music creating process, BLACKPINK revealed their aspects as ‘artists’ by explaining, “We pour creative ideas into our music”. JENNIE stated, “Our producer TEDDY always tries to reflect our thoughts and ideas on the track he’s working on. He gets inspiration from us”.

The March edition of Billboard Magazine, which BLACKPINK decorated the cover and cover story, will be available in physical copies in the US through nationwide retailers starting from March 1 (local time), after its pre-release online. The magazine will include an interview with BLACKPINK which the members make sincere responses on various topics and profound questions such as BLACKPINK’s story during their ‘trainee period’, ‘life as a K-Pop idol’, and ‘How they’d like to be accepted as a rapper in the US’.

While marking a strong presence in the US music industry by decorating the cover of Billboard Magazine, BLACKPINK has also appeared on CBS’ representative late-night talk show titled ‘The Late Show With Stephen Colbert’, ABC’s ‘Good Morning America’ and ‘Strahan and Sara’ to mark their presence among US television viewers.

BLACKPINK will now decorate a page of K-Pop history by performing at ‘Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival’, the largest music festival of the US, on April 12 and 19 for the first time as K-Pop idols.

BLACKPINK will then hold their first-ever North America tour consisted of concerts in Los Angeles on April 17, in Chicago on April 24, Hamilton on April 27, Newark on May 1, Atlanta on May 5, and in Fort Worth in May 8.

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