BIGBANG Coachella → Billboard "K-Pop Legends Return"

[스타뉴스 = 한해선 기자] Announcement of BIGBANG (G-Dragon, T.O.P, Taeyang, Daesung) making a comeback at Coachella was followed by a few of the world's biggest press, like US Billboard and UK Metro.

On January 2nd, the 'Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival' (or Coachella), one of America's largest music festivals, revealed its 2020 lineup.

BIGBANG was bolded on the lineup poster along with Rage Against the Machine, Travis Scott, Frank Ocean, Calvin Harris, and more.

Major news outlets were quick to address BIGBANG's return when Coachella revealed its lineup.

Following the release of the lineup, Billboard released 'Coachella 2020 Lineup: 10 Immediate Reactions' and stated that BIGBANG "is not just an impressive U.S. booking for the group" but "hints at a potentially substantial 2020 from the reformed collective, soon to be the first K-pop boy group to perform at Coachella."

Billboard highlighted that "BLACKPINK's performance became one of the biggest news stories of Coachella 2019." Knowing BIGBANG's immense influence, the quality and substance behind their upcoming Coachella stage is unpredictable.

Metro stated, "The K-pop legends will officially end their hiatus and return as a four-piece at Coachella, after the Fantastic Baby singers were confirmed for the festival line-up."

Coachella takes place from April 10th to April 19th at Indio, California. BIGBANG will be performing Friday nights on April 10th & 17th. 

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